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Website of Alison Porter
Welcome to my website.

I'm a single mother, entrepreneur, activist, fund raiser, and advocate, among other things.

I set up this website, and my blog, to keep track of things going on in my life - especially those things that I want to share.

I seem to always be involved in a number of different things. It keeps life challenging and interesting.

One of my passions is advocating for Gifted Education. I previously was the office manager for Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented. I strongly believe that when gifted children are regularly able to achieve their potential, it will be easier to make sure all children achieve their potential. They will be able to learn and grow at the rate that is best for them, and they will naturally use their creativity to help solve the problems in our society.
Inspiring Community:
I'm currently providing business and marketing consulting for businesses. My focus is on creating and strengthening partnerships in the community between businesses and non-profit organizations. My mission is to help build amazing relationships in the community.
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